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Who knew that in 1967 the new band "Chicago Transit Authority" would evolve into one of the most influential pop bands of our time, maintaining their influence in the music arena decade after decade. They are now simply known as "Chicago", and though the original lineup has shifted and changed over the years, their music has left us with a string of classics from "If You Leave Me Now," "Saturday In The Park," and "Baby, What A Big Surprise," to "You're The Inspiration.” Their songs were colored and influenced by their original "jazz-oriented, folk-influenced, and country tinged roots."


If you have never made out with someone after midnight on your parent's couch, with Chicago on the stereo, or cried yourself to sleep next to a phone that never rang while listening to "Hard Habit To Break", then you've probably been living on the moon, or just migrated from Latvia. But, I don't know, I hear the Latvian's are diggin' Chicago too these days.

Visit www.chicagotheband.com


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