James Booker
  Lenny Bruce
  Mark De Clive-Lowe
  Eric Dolphy
  John Guerin
  James Hall
  Isaac Hayes
  Gregg Jakobson
  Earl King
  Professor Longhair
  Bruce Lynch
  Toots and the Maytals
  John Mclaughlin
  Billy Mernit
  Marcio Montarroyos
  Jamie Oldaker
  Kenny Passarelli
  Last Poets
  Willis Alan Ramsey
  The Tractors
  Lauren Wood




Bruce was no knee-jerk comic. His verbal finesse disguised a milestone of honest philosophy as humor and reshaped the paradigm of comedy.
His magnifying glass broke through and changed forever every convention of social expression that had been known.
Lenny was the subject of numerous biographies, a hit Broadway play, and the award-winning movie, "Lenny," in which he was portrayed by Dustin Hoffman.


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