Don Williams Music Group offers a variety of services for songwriters and composers. The needs of each individual writer are specifically identified and attended to using a combination of state-of-the-art technology and personal attention. With a diverse background in multiple facets of the music industry, we are able to serve consistently and confidently. Our services include:

Consulting – DWMG helps songwriters and composers evaluate potential contracts. Assistance also includes negotiations, drafting co-publisher and co-writer agreements, and troubleshooting additional issues.

Song Registration – Each new work is processed by our staff in a diligent manner. The title is properly registered with the United States Copyright Office and the respective Performing Rights Organization and then added to our database.

Promotion – After securing the correct protection, DWMG solicits material to record labels, music supervisors in television and film, advertising executives, and other various avenues of potential interest. We seek mutually beneficial deals and arrange the negotiation of terms for licensing songs.

Licensing – DWMG handles all aspects of licensing for its writer/publisher clients, including responding to license inquiries, negotiating deal terms, quoting fees, and generating and executing license agreements. Our licensing department is equipped to issue all media agreements, including mechanical, synchronization, performance, digital, karaoke, and master use licenses.

Royalty Collection & Distribution – All royalties and license fees are collected and tracked using our proprietary royalty system. This includes the tracking of broadcast schedules. Royalty distribution is delivered to the appropriate recipients and logged for account history.




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